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Al-Shaikh Group, comprised of companies dealing in different fields of business Kingdom wide. It holds big share of GDP in the growth of economy of Saudi Arabia in field of Communication, Trading, Manufacturing, IT Consultancy, Advertisement and Construction.

Al-Shaikh Group is also sharing in the development of man power by employing 80 % Saudi nationals.

Al-Shaikh core business divisions :
Telecommunication, Financial & IT Consultancy, Manufacturing, Trading, Advertisement and Construction.

Work Proactively to provide a range of services to different businesses. While specializing in different areas, the divisions complement each other presenting a combined front that ensures value added and enhanced services to our clients.

In view of the diverse nature of Al-Shaikh  businesses, our human resource strength at Al-Shaikh comprises of skill, experience and talent.

Al-Shaikh is proud of its industry-leading specialists, who have internationally-recognized certifications and training in their service line or product.

AlShaikh man power is working with Saudi iron & steel Company Hadeed and Gulf Farabi for Petrochemicals as a contractor to fulfill their skilled manpower needs. 

We are providing our customers a good league of professional people in different fields from all over the world from Strategic to technical management.

Sungchang has been dedicated to the betterment of mens life as well as lofty business values since its outset in 1990.

Sungchang is growing both at home and abroad by utilizing its long-accumulated know-how and continuous R&D to respond promptly to rapidly changing global trends in areas such as the construction of petrochemical plants, power-generating facilities, iron-manufacturing facilities, architectural facilities and steel structures, as well as overseas projects.

With Creativity, Challenge, Unity as its basic principles, Sungchang is making every effort to achieve future-oriented, high-quality production.  Also, Sungchang is highly committed to social contribution. 

Sungchang will meet every need of its customers in the new millennium by providing them with superb goods and services as a leading company in the construction of plants. 

One of the famous factories that specialized in producing a wide range of high quality detergents, disinfectants and antiseptic products, that produced from safe and active raw materials, to reach the consumers at companies, homes, school, restaurants and hospitals with a reasonable prices.

Not only offer high quality products, but have the experience to meet the consumers over changing need.

AL SHAIKH GROUP established ALFA AL-KHALEEJ EST. as a General Contractor We offer its clients a multi-disciplined capability to perform project management and construction of different projects both large and small concerns that includes Civil, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Telecommunication works. 

Our key personnel and engineers are conversant with Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAESs), maintaining international standards in construction, QA/QC procedures and Safety requirements as most of them worked previously in Saudi Aramco projects.

TIRE SOLUTIONS FACTORY has been formed under the umbrella of THE ALSHAIKH GROUP. 

CEO, Mr.Ibrahim Shaikh has looked at commercial transportation tire requirements currently and into the future in Saudi Arabia. It is anticipated that transport number will double over the next 10 years.

With this in mind, Tire Solutions Factory was formed and and exclusive agency for Saudi Arabia and some GCC countries with Marangoni has been successfully negotiated.

Marangoni are world leaders in retread materials, equipments and technology.

They produce the only Ring Tread pre-cures retread in the world, ensuring quality, reliability and mileages comparable to premium new tires at less than half the cost.