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About Us
A Market leader by providing quality products and superior service to our customers, while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our products.

A Company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to cater to customer needs.

A Company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation, promotes individual growth, and rewards initiative and performance.

A Company which combines its people, technology, management systems, and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its shareholders.

A Company that endeavors to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving the society.
Established in 2005 as a business entity with core business activities in Communication as one partner to Mobily. We are the only communication facility in the kingdom offering a complete range of telecommunication solutions such as Top Up, e-Pins from mobile devices and electronic vouchers through mobile terminals as joint business partners with MOBILY.

Currently having the best share of 45 retail outlets among all the other partners under fully brand name of Mobily in all over the Kingdom, As per Mobily standards this number is in the range of 75 mini FBO’s. Our distribution and whole sale network is also covered the entire Kingdom with the highly trained team of 65 Salesman with 9 supervisors in different regions equipped with best resources available in the kingdom to distribute Mobily products and services.

Saudi Call is also playing an important role with the government strategy of Saudization by creating the job opportunities in retail outlets; 200 Saudis are working as a customer service agents and supervisors in our retail network to manage the daily operations.

Our joint ventures and business alliances with some of the world's renowned names reflect our forward-looking strategy of continuously improving customer value through improvements in our products and services.

Saudi Call has always been at the forefront of new developments specifically in telecommunication and Information Technology we have pioneered several innovations with mutual collaboration of partners reminiscent of Ittehad Ittesalat, eServe Global, and ACCPAC-Sage International.

Smart Governance Our People Customer Satisfaction Work Environment Ethical Behavior

Underlying everything we do and everything we believe in is a set of core values. These guide us to deal with every aspect of any issue we might encounter in our personal and professional lives. These values help us grow inside and outside, personally and as an organization.

We are committed to running our business successfully and efficiently, providing long term benefits to our employees and stakeholders, and enriching the lives of those whom we serve by fulfilling our corporate responsibility to the best of our ability. We expect excellence from all processes, whether they relate to policy formation and accounting procedures or product development and customer service.

Our policies and core values are aimed towards creating an informal yet stimulating team-oriented work environment with a culture of sharing and open communication. We cherish the diversity of viewpoint of every individual; we realize this encourages innovation and develops character.

All employees have the right to a stress- and injury-free work environment. We ensure our employee safety and health by providing various in-house facilities and making sure that all staff understand and uphold our safety policy. All our employees are permitted and encouraged to afford time and attention to personal concerns.
The success of any organization is largely dependent on the people working for it. Each member of our team is considered equally important and provided constant training, motivation and guidance. We possess a dedicated staff of the highest caliber dedicated to making our business a success.

We ensure that every employee has the opportunity for maximum professional development. To achieve this goal, we seek to provide challenging work prospects for all employees. Each person is compensated and rewarded for his or her performance and hard work on a strict merit basis.
We are customer-driven; we go the extra mile to make sure our clients' expectations are met and exceeded on every issue. We partner with leading companies to arm ourselves with the latest technology and provide customers with innovative solutions in the most cost-effective manner available.
We make it clear that being a sincere, honest and decent human being takes precedence over everything else. In the Packages family, there is an all-round respect for elders, tolerance for equals and affection for youngsters. Managers are expected to lead from the front, train junior colleagues through delegation, resolve conflicts speedily, be visible at all times and act as role models for others.

We make sure that all our processes and methods conform to the highest ideals of professional behavior. Our organizational structure is straight-forward and need-based; accountability is transparent, consistent and both horizontal and vertical.

Basically we are working on distributing Mobily’s Products and Services as on of the leading Mobile Telecommunication Operators in the kingdom. We are applying Mobily Strategies, Standards and Directions of selling, direct or indirect, and distributing including alternative channels.

In short, whatever Mobily offers in the market, we are offering and marketing through our widely-spread Mobily-Fully-Branded-Outlets. On the other hand, we are distributing wholesale products and services through our Distribution Team, covering the entire kingdom including the remote area with Specific concentration.

As one of Mobily7 partners, we are typically trying to keep path with Mobily Market Development and increasing Competitive Advantage in the market, even with other partners and other operators. So we always increase our monetary capacity from time to time: we have a monthly capacity of SAR 75 millions comparing to last year monthly capacity SAR 65 millions.

Applying Mobily strategies to provide discrete service with availability of all most modern technology, we do our best to achieve this optimum target through increasing our sales gradually and insistently to help our customers enjoy all our services available in the world capped by Mobily. So right now, we have sales of total monthly amount of SAR 75 millions, divided as SAR 40 millions for E-vouchers, SAR 20 millions for Scratch Cards and SAR 15 millions for Siebel transactions.

We are seeking to increase our monetary and sales capacity by next year to become more than SAR 85 millions.

One of the best ways for a business to leverage its products & services and increase growth is through association. Our business alliances help us manage our business more effectively, as well as helping us and our partners develop and diversify our interests. Customers also benefit from the increased knowledge base, as we transform our market awareness and shared technology into innovative and cost effective solutions for customers.

Al-Shaikh Company is proud of its long standing network of friends and family, with key business partners as diverse as Ittehad Ittesalat e Serve Global Sage ACCPAC International